Printing at the GDL


  • The GDL gives you 50 cents each day to use for printing at our library branches; this equates to 5 pages of printing for free! This money is kept in something called an Allocation Account. Every day, this account is refreshed to 50 cents. This account value is NOT cumulative.
  • When you print something on one of our computers, you will be informed of the cost of the print job. If there is enough value in your account, your print job will print normally by clicking the OK button on the screen.
  • Once you use up your 5 free pages of printing, you can purchase more pages by adding money to your account at ten cents per page. There are no refunds available for accidental prints or unused printing value.

The money that you add to your account WILL NOT EXPIRE!

How do I know how much money is left in my account?

You can check your account balance very easily. You can ask at the front desk, or you can simply click on the Accounts button when you print something on our computers.