• Calling all Padawans and Jedi Masters!

    The month of October is Star Wars Reads. Celebrate your love of Star Wars with these digital activities, experiments, and reading challenges.

    Here are some ways to celebrate!


    Checkout books from Hoopla’s Star Wars Reads eBook collection.


    The activity kit includes activities that help build writing skills. Coloring, drawing, and folding all strengthen writing skills by improving fine-motor movement.

    For additional writing fun, draw yourself as a Star Wars character. What type of being are you? Do you have special skills or tools? Do you have a robot or animal companion?


    Make up your own lyrics to go along with the Star Wars theme song. Share your creation with me in the comments or by sharing it with the library on Facebook: @geneseedistrictlibrary.


    Conduct one of these Star Wars science experiments. Talk about what you think will happen next in the experiment. What would happen if you completed a step differently. Ask open-ended questions. Can you imagine different characters from Start Wars completing your chosen experiment – how would they approach it?

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