• Hello Song (using ASL):  Hello Friends

    Hello friends,
    Hello friends,
    Hello friends,
    It’s time to say hello.

    Library Letter:

    Hi Miss Marissa,

    “Do you and your story time friends like fairy tales? You should come see our mural of brave princess and fierce dragon at the Davison Area Library!”

    Love, Mr. Roy

    Library Field Trip: Davison Area Library Branch

    We visited the Davison Area Branch to sing a song.

    Song: The Grand Old Duke of York

    The Grand Old Duke of York,
    He had ten thousand men.
    He marched them to the top of the hill
    And he marched them down again.

    And when they were UP, they were UP!
    And when they were DOWN, they were DOWN!
    And when they were only halfway up,
    They were neither UP nor DOWN!

    Story: The Three Billy Goats Gruff with puppets (adapted by Marissa from the original folktale)

    Song/Oral Story: The Three Billy Goats Gruff

    Trip, trap, trip, trap – across the bridge they come
    Trip, trap, trip, trap – crossing one by one
    Trip, trap, trip, trap – baby takes a stroll
    Trip, trap, trip, trap – over the sleeping troll
    Trip, trap, trip, trap – louder taps I hear
    Trip, trap, trip, trap – middle goat is near
    Trip, trap, trip, trap – stomps the biggest goat
    Trip, trap, trip, trap – troll goes in the moat!

    Mystery Box:

    Today we had an instrument in out mystery box.

    Instrument Song: Dragon, Dragon

    Dragon, dragon turn around.
    Dragon, dragon touch the ground.

    Dragon, dragon fly up high.
    Dragon, dragon touch the sky.

    Dragon, dragon swing your tail.
    Dragon, dragon shake your scales.

    Dragon, dragon give a “ROARRRRR!”
    Dragon, dragon sit on the floor.

    Instrument Song: Clapping in the Castle

    There is clapping in the castle, there is clapping in the castle
    There is clapping in the castle, we’re clapping all around!

    Other Verses:
    There is jumping with the jesters, we’re is jumping all around
    There is twirling in the towers, we’re twirling all around
    There is dancing on the drawbridge, we’re dancing all around

    Goodbye song: Goodbye friends

    Goodbye friends,
    Goodbye friends,
    Goodbye friends,
    It’s time to say goodbye.

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