• Hello Song:  We Wave and Sing Hello

    We wave and sing hello,
    We wave and sing hello,
    With our friends at storytime,
    We wave and sing hello

    We bounce and sing hello…

    Song: I Saw a Little Rabbit

    I saw a little rabbit go hop, hop, hop
    I told that little rabbit to stop, stop, stop
    They wiggled their ears and crinkled their nose
    And wiggled, wiggled, wiggled right down to their toes

    Lap Bounce: Let’s Go Riding in an Elevator

    Let’s go riding in an elevator, elevator, elevator
    Let’s go riding in an elevator, come along with me
    First floor… second floor.. third floor… fourth floor… fifth floor…
    And sown, down, down, down, down

    Book: Hop by Jorey Hurley

    Puppet Play: There’s Something in My Garden

    There’s something in my garden
    Now what can it be?
    There’s something in my garden
    That I can’t really see.
    It’s a frog

    Other Verses:

    PECK PECK PECK, It’s a chicken
    SQUEAK, SQUEAK SQUEAK, It’s a mouse
    TWEET, TWEET, TWEET, It’s a mouse
    THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, It’s a bunny

    Diaper Rhyme: A Little Fly Went Walking

    A little fly went walking (“walk” fingers around child’s tummy)
    To see what he could see
    But all that he could see
    Was Baby’s little tummy! (tickle tummy)

    Shaker Song: Hop, Hop Little Bunny

    Hop, hop little bunny
    Hop hop little bunny
    Hop hop little bunny early in the morning

    Other verses:
    Wiggle Wiggle Little Bunny
    Spin Spin little bunny
    Wave Wave Little bunny

    Goodbye song: We Wave and Sing Goodbye

    We wave and sing goodbye,
    we wave and sing goodbye,
    with our friends at storytime,
    we wave and sing goodbye

    We bounce and sing goodbye…

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