• Hello Song (using ASL):  Hello Friends

    Hello friends,
    Hello friends,
    Hello friends,
    It’s time to say hello.

    Library Letter:

    I received colored Pete the Cat pictures from Chloe and Charlie

    Nursery Rhyme Yoga: Hey Diddle, Diddle

    We did the cat, cow, and downward dog poses for the bolded words below.

    Hey diddle diddle
    The cat and the fiddle
    The cow jumped over the moon
    The little dog laughed to see such sport
    And the dish ran away with the spoon

    Story Song: Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes! by Eric Litwin

    Oral Story: Little Clapping Mouse

    The * means to clap

    Behind the tree * *
    And under the house * *
    There lived a teeny * *
    Tiny mouse * *
    She loved to sing * *
    She loved to tap * *
    But most of all * *
    She loved to clap * *
    She clapped all night * *
    She clapped all day * *
    She clapped to frighten * *
    The cat away * * * * * * * * (lots of claps)

    Mystery Box:

    Today we had a scarf in the mystery box.

    Scarf Song: Kitty Cat Pounce

    Ball up the scarf, then toss it high in the air on “Pounce!

    Kitty cat, kitty cat sneaks out of the house.
    Kitty cat, kitty cat creeps up to a mouse,
    And… POUNCE!

    Kitty cat, kitty cat, creeps up to a bird.
    Kitty cat, kitty cat, is not even heard,
    And… POUNCE!

    But the mouse ran, and the bird flew away,
    So kitty cat found a ball of yarn to play
    And… POUNCE!

    Shaker Song: “Dance, Freeze, Melt” by The Learning Groove

    Dance! 2345678
    Freeze! 2345678
    Melt 2345678

    Jump! 2345678
    Freeze! 2345678
    Melt 2345678

    Twirl! 2345678
    Freeze! 2345678
    Melt 2345678

    Fly! 2345678
    Freeze! 2345678
    Melt 2345678

    Goodbye song: Goodbye friends

    Goodbye friends,
    Goodbye friends,
    Goodbye friends,
    It’s time to say goodbye.

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