Write a letter to Miss Marissa!

Each week Children’s Librarian Marissa will share and respond to a Library Letter during our weekly story time: Marissa’s Marvelous Story Time: All Ages, Monday’s at 10 AM. The goal is to give kids a platform to share what they love, how they feel, what they’re learning, ask questions, and use their imagination all while growing their literacy skills!

Library Letter Ideas:
These are just some ideas to get you started. You can choose to write or draw anything you’d like!

  • Have you visited any new places lately?
  • Have you tried something new?
  • Share something you’re proud of
  • Share something about what you’re learning: shapes, colors, letters words, fun facts
  • Draw a picture – scribbles count!
  • Share your talent
  • What is your favorite thing to do?
  • How do you feel?
  • Ask a question
  • Share a joke
  • Write or share a poem – or even just words that rhyme
  • Write a song or share your favorite song
  • Write about what you see around you
  • Share a game you like to play

How it Works:

  • Children of all ages can participate
  • You can send letters to Miss Marissa via mail (USPS) or email, please include a return address if you send a letter through the mail
  • If you choose to draw a picture, please include a title or describe what the picture is
  • Encourage your child to write the letter. If it is hard to read, please include what the letter says so I can share it with all our library friends.
  • You can write as many letters as you’d like
  • Please include only information you’d like shared virtually through Facebook, YouTube, and thegdl.org/virtual.
  • I will not share your address, only the content you share in the letter.

Contact Information:

Attn: Marissa Boisclair
Genesee District Library
4195 W Pasadena Ave.
Flint, MI 48504

Complete the form below. The letter can be attached as a file (scan the letter and attach it or take a picture of the letter and attach it)