There are thousands of items overdue from GDL at any one time. This equals hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some items never come back. In effect, they are stolen. It is very costly for GDL to administer the overdue items’ process and/or replace them. Most important, is that during this time the items (books, DVDs, CDs, videos, books on CD and tape, etc.) are completely unavailable to other library users.

Everyone (including us) forgets once in a while, so we have ways to remind you when your checked out items are overdue. Let your librarian know which method you would like to receive your reminder when you have overdue items. You can choose one of three ways:

  • Regular mail
  • Telephone
  • Email (if you choose email, you will be reminded before the item is due as well as overdue)

When you receive one of these reminders, you need to take some action whether you are finished with the items or not. Of course, return the items if you are finished. If you wish to renew an item, you can renew items online under My Account or My Record, or have a librarian do it for you. Not all items are renewable.

Overdue means that the item has not been returned to the library by closing time on the date it is due back. That date is on the receipt you received when checking out, or it is available in your account online. GDL staff can also tell you the due date if you call. This is one reason you get a paper receipt. The same date is printed on it that is registered on the computer so there are no errors or misunderstandings.

Loan Periods

  • Videos and DVDs: 7 days (not renewable)
  • High demand books and bestsellers: 2 weeks (not renewable)
  • General and children’s books: 4 weeks
  • Books on tape or CD: 4 weeks
  • Music CD's: 2 weeks
  • Video Game Discs: 1 week (not renewable)
  • Playaways (pre-loaded portable mp3 players): 2 weeks
  • Bag of Books: 6 weeks
  • Computer Games: 7 days

Fines and Fees Information

DVDs: a first notice is not issued for overdue DVDs. A $2.00 fee is assessed the day following the day the DVD was due.
Long overdue items: a late fee of $2.00 per item is charged once the computer has generated a bill (the second reminder).  This fee is non-refundable. A patron who owes $4.00 or more in fines or fees is not allowed to check out items until the matter is resolved. The ability to carry a balance is a courtesy, not a right.

Collection: if items are not returned shortly after receiving the bill, the overdue record is sent to a collection agency. A letter is mailed from Unique Management Services to the borrower informing the borrower that the matter will be placed on their credit report. The borrower has a brief amount of time to return the items or pay for the items and/or any fees before it does go on their credit report. There is an additional administrative fee added to any other fees whether the item is returned or not at this time.

Lost or damaged items: Materials vary in replacement cost according to their retail price. Some items that are exceptions have a general price, i.e. lost magazines are $6.00.

Found items: If a lost item is found and returned within 6 months of the original check out date, a refund is given when the receipt for the amount paid is presented. There is a non-refundable $5.00 administrative service charge deducted from the refund.

Returning Items When the Library is Closed: If an item is returned after the library is closed for the day, the item will be checked in the next day it is open. If an item is returned on its date due after the library is closed, it will be overdue. Please do not leave items outside the library. Costs for damaged or lost items will be charged to your account.

Payment of Fines and Fees: You may pay at your library. Credit card payment is also available at under My Account.

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