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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Patrons
  • 1. Branch Locations

    See the list of the branch locations here.

  • 2. Library Cards

    Any resident of Genesee County, Tyrone Township, Deerfield Township, or Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative (MMLC) service area may obtain a Genesee District Library Card. Any Genesee County property owner (excluding cemetery plots) may obtain a library card with proof of ownership.

    Cards may be acquired by going to any of our locations, and filling out a Patron Registration Form. People under the age of 18 must have a parent's or legal guardian's signature. A valid form of photo identification with your current address is required (for example: driver's license, government-issued photo ID).

    GDL cards last three years and then a GDL staff member will need to verify your current address and renew the expiration date on your card; this change is effective January 1st, 2014. This renewal is done for free, simply a valid form of photo identification and your current address. You may be required to fill out a registration form, if one is not on file for you.

    GDL cards are provided for free to qualified patrons. If you have lost your card, there is a $2 replacement fee.

    A non-resident who is not eligible for a GDL card, or who wishes to upgrade from limited to full privileges, may purchase a non-resident card. Non-resident cards permit the holder to use all GDL materials and services with the exception of inter-library loan. A non-resident card may be purchased for $100 per year, or at the rate of $10 per month.

    Please Note: Treat your Library Card like you would a credit card. You will be held responsible for any fines or fees associated with this card. If your card is lost or stolen, please report this to the Genesee District Library immediately so we may disable that card.

    For security and privacy reasons, GDL patrons must use their own library cards to check items out, use our public computers and wireless network, or for any other library service that requires a library card.

  • 3. Your Pin

    To add another layer of security to your library record, you are issued an initial PIN (Personal Identification Number) to use library services when you receive a new library card. The GDL staff member who gives you your card will inform you about your PIN.


    To Set Your Pin from the GDL Website: Click on the Catalog link on the home page, and then click on the My Account Link. If you do not have a PIN, enter your barcode (the letter D followed by all of the numbers, but don't type in the space. Example: D123456789) and click SUBMIT. The system will then prompt you to enter a PIN. This PIN will then be set for your account. If you experience any errors during this process, you probably have a PIN on your account already. Please contact a GDL staff member.


    While you may use any combination of 10 characters or less, we suggest using a 4 or 5 digit number. Please do not share this PIN with others!


    Please be sure you can remember your PIN because you will need it to:

    • - Access your account online
    • - Login to our public computers
    • - Use our wireless network
    • - Make reservations for our public computers
    • - Access digital content from our Digital Library

    If you need your PIN reset: please contact a GDL staff member and be sure to have some form of photo ID available. If you call a library to have your PIN reset, be prepared to verify certain details about your library account.

  • 4. Accessing Your Account

    If you have a Genesee District Library card, you can check your library account online from our Library Catalog Page. This will show you:

    • - What contact information we have on file for you.
    • - What items you have checked out of the library.
    • - What items you have on hold (if any).
    • - The amount of any fines on your account and why they were accrued.

    You access your account from the Catalog item on the menu above. You can then click on "My Account" from the drop-down menu to go to the login screen. You can also access your account directly by clicking on "My Account" from the Library's Catalog Page.

    Type in your library card number ("D" and all the numbers with no spaces) in the first white box on the form, then type in your PIN in the second box.

    Once you have successfully logged in, you will see your patron information displayed on the screen. Since you are logged in, you can perform searches using the New Search button on this page and the system will remember your identification so you can place multiple reserves more easily.

    Library cards expire after 3 years, and we require that you bring an photo ID in with your current address so that we may update your record.

  • 5. Borrowing and Returning Library Materials

    Every time you borrow something from the library, you will receive a printed receipt showing the due date for each item. The items you have checked out can also be viewed by accessing your account online. Currently, the borrowing policies are:

    • - DVDs - 6 DVDs for 1 week, no renewals, holds allowed except for new releases
    • - Music CDs - 4 Music CDs for 2 weeks
    • - Video Games - 1 game for 1 week, no renewals, can place holds
    • - Books - 28 days for most books, 2 weeks for new releases
    • - Back copies of magazines - 1 week
    • - Playaways (MP3 players pre-loaded with a title) - 1 playaway for two weeks

    Please return library items by the date due. Please note: For your convenience, you may return GDL and MeL library materials to Any GDL location. We will take care of getting the materials back to the proper library within our system. Items not returned by their due date are subject to late fines (see "Fines & Fees" below). We do not accept replacement items for lost or damaged items.

  • 6. Fines and Fees

    Fines and fees may be assessed for any item that is not returned by the due date. Fees may also be assessed for damaged or lost items. Fines of $4.00 or more will result in a patron's account being locked, preventing further check out of materials, and access to computer resources. Fines may be paid in person by cash or check or online using a credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are all accepted). *The ability to carry a balance is a courtesy not a right.

    • - Library card replacement fee: $2.00
    • - Overdue items: $2.00 - Regardless of how late the item is in being returned to the library.
    • - Lost items: Materials vary in replacement cost according to their retail price. Some items that are exceptions have a general price, for example, a lost magazine is $6.00. Patrons must pay the replacement cost for an item. You may NOT purchase a replacement copy on your own. A service fee of $2.00 per item is added to the replacement cost of a lost item.
    • - Broken CD/DVD/Video Game cases: $2.00
    • - Faxes: Most libraries will send or receive faxes for you. The cost is $2.00 for the first five pages and $3.00 for every five pages thereafter.

    Found Items: If a lost item is found and returned within 6 months of the original checkout date, a refund is given when the receipt for the amount paid is presented.

    There is a non-refundable $5.00 administrative service charge deducted from the refund.

    Collection Notices: The Library has partnered with Unique Management Services to assist in getting materials returned and fines paid.

    If a patron's account is sent to collections, a $10 fine is added to the account.

  • 7. Renewals and Overdue Items

    All items have a due date that is printed on a receipt that is given to you when you check out. You can also check these due dates by logging into your account with your library barcode and PIN. Loan periods vary and GDL never makes an item due when the libraries are closed. Please note: You can turn in library materials to ANY of our 19 branch locations.


    You can renew most items (except DVDs and Video Games) online.

    1. 1. Go to My Account from the Catalog on the GDL website.
    2. 2. Type in your library card barcode and PIN
    3. 3. Click on the link that reads "Items currently checked out". The list will allow you to select the items you wish to renew and then click on the "Renew Selected" button on the page. Otherwise, you can click the "Renew All" button and the system will attempt to renew all of your checked out items.

    Some kinds of items are not renewable such as DVDs and Video Games. If another patron has requested that item, it will not be renewed. You may renew GDL-owned items a maximum of 2 times. After the second renewal, you MUST return the item to the library.

    You will not be able to renew items if your library card has expired. If this is the case, you'll get an error message stating that your "Registration is Expired". Library cards expire after 3 years, and we require that you bring in your photo ID showing your current address so that we may update your record.

    Overdue Items

    Items that are overdue may be assessed a late fee of $2.00. Please note that you can return ANY library item to ANY GDL branch in Genesee County. Library hours vary by location. For more information, please refer to our Overdue Items page.

  • 8. What is MeLCat?

    MeLCat is a statewide catalog, interlibrary loan and materials-delivery service. MeLCat offers library patrons simple and convenient Web-based access to a single, collective catalog of participating libraries' holdings. The main benefit to GDL patrons is access to more library materials than any single library can provide and an increased level of service offered to patrons.

    When you are searching in the GDL catalog, you will see the MeLCat logo linked directly to the item record in MeLCat. If the item is available from another library, you will be able to request it with your Genesee District Library card number. It will be delivered to your branch library in a few days.

    You can also go directly to the entire MeLCat catalog and search for what you need. Again, you can request items using your Genesee District Library card. GDL's membership in MeLCat will give you one-stop searching via the Internet to quickly identify materials owned by all types of libraries statewide, access to valuable local history materials and digitized items, the ability to request library materials remotely from any place at any time, and online monitoring of the status of information requests.

    Another benefit of GDL being in this statewide consortium is that you can go to any participating library and use your GDL library card to check out items. The lending rules of the lending library apply, but you usually will have three weeks to use the item.

  • 9. Genesee District Library School Library Card

    What is a GDL School Library Card?

    Genesee District Library now has a special library card that schools and child daycare centers may use to check out materials. The materials must be for classroom use, not personal use.

    Who may get a GDL School Library Card?

    The registration form must be signed by the Principal of the school. Only the Principal can authorize up to ten people to use the card. Only those authorized people may check out materials from a Genesee District Library. The school must be in Genesee County outside the City of Flint.

    May the ten authorized people be changed at any time?

    Yes, but the name change request must be made on school letterhead, signed by the Principal, and mailed or delivered to any of our GDL locations.

    How does the school get a GDL School Library Card?

    The registration form may be downloaded here. A form may also be picked up at any GDL library or mailed to the school if requested. After it is filled out and signed, the principal or authorized employee many take it along with a letter on school letterhead requesting a card to any of our GDL locations.

    Who is responsible for the materials if they are lost or damaged?

    The signer (the Principal) is financially responsible for all materials checked out on the card no matter who checked the materials out using that card. Only the Principal may sign the registration form.

    How does the school use the card?

    The card itself must be brought to any GDL library when materials are checked out by an authorized person. There are no exceptions; the card must be present. The materials will be checked out for regular time periods which vary by the type of material, i.e., regular books, 4 weeks; DVDs, 1 week; etc. Renewals are usually possible in most cases but not all. There is a limit of 100 items that may be checked out at one time.

    What if the GDL School Library Card is lost or stolen?

    Report the loss or theft to a GDL library immediately. The Principal is responsible for all items checked out prior to the date the loss or theft was reported.

  • Technology
  • 1. Using GDL Computers

    All branches have public access computers that have Internet access. Wireless Internet access is also available at all of our branches.

    • - You must use your own library card when using GDL computers or the wireless Internet.
    • - Your time is limited on the computers. Typically, though, you'll get a computer for a minimum of 30 minutes.
    • - You can print 5 pages for free; additional pages may be purchased at $0.10/page with a $1 minimum. (Click "Printing at the GDL" in the next box below for more information.)
    • - You must abide by the GDL's Internet and Computer Use Policies.

    Use of the Internet for the transmission, dissemination and/or duplication of information is regulated under various state and federal laws, and the GDL expects all users to comply with such laws. Parents, guardians, and caregivers are responsible for their minor's use of all library materials, including the Internet.

  • 2. Printing at the GDL

    Please note: Printing on GDL printers is NOT available to people using guest passes or to wireless internet users.


    • - The GDL gives you 50 cents /day to use for printing at our library branches; this equates to 5 pages of printing for free! This money is kept in something called an Allocation Account. Every day, this account is refreshed to 50 cents. This account value is NOT cumulative.
    • - When you print something on one of our computers, you will be informed of the cost of the print job. If there is enough value in your account, your print job will print normally by clicking the OK button on the screen.
    • - Once you use up your 5 free pages of printing, you can puchase more pages by adding money to your account in $1 increments. GDL Staff will accept whole bills only (no change) and please note that there are no refunds available for accidental prints or unused printing value.

    The money that you add to your account WILL NOT EXPIRE!

    How do I know how much money is left in my account?

    You can check your account balance very easily. You can ask at the front desk, or you can simply click on the Accounts button when you print something on our computers.

  • 3. Available Software

    The GDL computers come with a wide variety of software loaded on them, including:

    • - Microsoft Office 2003 (with a conversion utilitiy installed to allow seamless access to Office 2007 files - Reading and Saving)
    • - Winway Resume Deluxe
    • - Picasa
    • - Microsoft Windows XP - including all of the standard accessories and games that are packaged with Windows

    GDL Computer have a media card reader attached to the computer, 2 USB ports on the front of the computer, a headphone jack available, a CD-ROM and 3.5" Disk Drive available. Patrons are encouraged to bring a USB drive with them to the library for storing their data files! All information is erased from these computers regularly, so you must be sure to save your work and save it often to avoid data loss!

    Please note: Patrons are not allowed to install their own software on these computers. We do not support cell phones, media players, and other such personal digital media appliances that require special software drivers.

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