The Genesee District Library (GDL) is a 19-branch system that serves Genesee County residents (with the exception of City of Flint) and the residents of Livingston County’s Tyrone and Deerfield Township.  This is accomplished by partnerships with local communities which provide buildings to house the 84.4 full time equivalent employees (FTEs) and the services they provide.  The library finds itself dealing with financial challenges driven by a consistent drop in the service area’s taxable property values.  The trend was somewhat tempered by a recent .25 millage increase voted in during 2011.  Still, the library is operating 19 locations across Genesee County with 30% less staff than before the economic downturn in 2008.




To be a community destination for traditional and online resources which empower and enrich our service area residents.




We will provide our local communities with access to up-to-date informational, entertaining, educational, and culturally enriching resources.


Our Process


Our process to develop a Strategic Plan is inclusive and thorough.  This process includes input from the following sources:

  • Staff meetings
  • Administrative Team meetings
  • Building Excellence Sustainability Trust (BEST) survey results
  • GDL Board input


Focus is being given to three specific economic stages:

  • Survive- Stage in which revenue is falling
  • Strive- Stage in which revenue is recovering
  • Thrive- Stage in which revenue is solid


The Plan




Retain Core Services

    • Continue to Provide Summer Reading program
    • Continue to Provide access to best sellers and popular nonfiction titles in print
    • Maintain current level of eBook selections (5,000 items per year)
    • Maintain database subscriptions (14 over and above


Increase Efficiency

    • Leverage availability of online magazine offerings
    • Ensure automated phone system provides timely and accurate information
    • Revamp statistical report scheme
    • Streamline Employee Handbook structure/procedures


Reduce Costs

    • Partner with Friends groups for improvements
    • Seek out grant funding for programs (minimum of four per year)
    • Maximize energy saving initiatives




Restore Reduced Services

    • Hire a librarian dedicated to system wide children’s services
    • Explore expanding service hours at various branches


Leverage Technology & Refine Processes

    • Adopt new Technology plan that budgets for complete replacement every four to five years
    • Explore the practicality of new network models
    • Analyze IT Department structure
    • Replace end-of-life fax and copier machines
    • Explore providing more uniform branch operation hours
    • Allocate print-to-electronic materials budget to meet demand (current ratio 65%:35%)
    • Configure public computers to allow for rebooting of computers between users
    • Configure public computers to automatically update


Enhance & Facilitate Human Networking

    • Encourage staff participation in local events
    • Make continuing education opportunities available
    • Foster a team environment among staff
    • Develop relationships with community partners
    • Establish staff newsletter


Increase Advocacy, Visibility and Partnerships

    • Include a Return on Investment (ROI) report in the annual report
    • Partner with local businesses during Library Card Month
    • Continue branch sign replacement partnership
    • Engage Friends groups for millage election awareness
    • Engage business partners for millage election awareness
    • Continue online social media presence
    • Encourage local networking with school districts




Maximize Value to Patrons

    • Offer online reference help
    • Hire a dedicated Digital Librarian
    • Expand E-book offerings in all formats


Continue Process Improvement

    • Establish a suggestion rewards program
    • Establish a Branch Staff committee to review procedures


Share success with Library Community

    • Plan and/or sponsor workshops/events that showcase GDL success stories
      • at Regional Level
      • at State Level
      • at National Level


Build Reserve funds

    • Restricted Funds
      • Decrease unfunded Defined Benefit Retirement obligations
      • Decrease unfunded Obligations for Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB)
    • Unrestricted Funds
      • Carry a minimum balance of 40% annual operating cost


-Recommended for Board approval by Policy Committee on February 3, 2014

-Adopted by Board on February 18, 2014



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