Exhibit Spaces and Bulletin Boards


The purpose of library exhibit and display areas is to promote library materials, services and programs. Displays may focus on a particular service or program, or displays may be topical and feature relevant library materials. Exhibit and display areas are also used to promote the Friends of the Library; and to provide information about governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and public schools that serve the patrons of the Genesee District Library.

Individuals who provide items for a display or exhibit do so at their own risk. The GDL will not be responsible for any liability associated with the exhibit or display. A Display/Exhibit Indemnity Agreement must be signed by the owner prior to the setting up of any exhibit or display.

A sign stating the sponsorship of the display may be included.

Final authority for the approval of all exhibits and displays rests with the Executive Director or his/her designee.

Handouts and Notices

The GDL acts as a distribution point for handout materials for public awareness from non-profit, civic, cultural, educational, religious and governmental groups, as well as handouts prepared by the library to promote materials and services. Specified areas are made available for these handouts.

The GDL will also provide reasonable space (either on a bulletin board or in a notebook) for notices of programs and activities sponsored by non-profit civic, cultural, educational, religious, and governmental groups.

GDL reserves the right to limit the size, number of items, as well as the length of time that an item may be distributed or posted. GDL also reserves the right to remove handouts or notices at any time. When space is limited, priority is given to announcements for programs and activities sponsored by the library, library friends, local groups and organizations. 

Political campaign materials as well as handouts and notices of a commercial nature will not be accepted.

Final authority for approval of all handouts, announcements, and notices rests with the Executive Director or his/her designee.

Petitioning, Solicitation, or Distribution of Literature

The GDL does not allow petitioning, solicitation, distribution of literature or leaflets, canvassing or similar appeals by members of the public inside the library or on library grounds. Groups or individuals who wish to petition, solicit, canvass or distribute literature to the public off library premises may do so as long as they do not impede access by the public to the library or interfere with the use of the library.

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