Genesee District Library School Library Card

What is a GDL School Library Card?

Genesee District Library now has a special library card that schools and child daycare centers may use to check out materials. The materials must be for classroom use, not personal use.

Who may get a GDL School Library Card?

The registration form must be signed by the Principal of the school. Only the Principal can authorize up to ten people to use the card. Only those authorized people may check out materials from a Genesee District Library. The school must be in Genesee County outside the City of Flint.

May the ten authorized people be changed at any time?

Yes, but the name change request must be made on school letterhead, signed by the Principal, and mailed or delivered to any of our GDL locations.

How does the school get a GDL School Library Card?

The registration form may be downloaded here. A form may also be picked up at any GDL library or mailed to the school if requested. After it is filled out and signed, the principal or authorized employee many take it along with a letter on school letterhead requesting a card to any of our GDL locations.

Who is responsible for the materials if they are lost or damaged?

The signer (the Principal) is financially responsible for all materials checked out on the card no matter who checked the materials out using that card. Only the Principal may sign the registration form.

How does the school use the card?

The card itself must be brought to any GDL library when materials are checked out by an authorized person. There are no exceptions; the card must be present. The materials will be checked out for regular time periods which vary by the type of material, i.e., regular books, 4 weeks; DVDs, 1 week; etc. Renewals are usually possible in most cases but not all. There is a limit of 100 items that may be checked out at one time.

What if the GDL School Library Card is lost or stolen?

Report the loss or theft to a GDL library immediately. The Principal is responsible for all items checked out prior to the date the loss or theft was reported.