Seed Library Kickoff @ Fenton-Winegarden

Seed Library Kickoff @ Fenton-Winegarden

From Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm

At Fenton-Winegarden Library

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At this kick-off event, come learn how to get started gardening, and how to use our Seed Library.

What is a Seed Library?

The Fenton-Winegarden branch of the Genesee District Library is home to our Seed Library.  A Seed Library is a collection of seeds available for lending, for the purpose of conserving local and heirloom varieties.

People who would like to participate may “check-out” seeds for FREE and take them home to plant.  The goal is to encourage people to grow their own food. 

After harvesting mature seeds, people may donate them back to the library. 

How to Borrow Seeds

  1. Select the seeds you would like from the Seed Library and complete a Check-out Slip.
  2. The Check-out Slip is kept for statistical purposes. This will help us determine the popularity of the Seed Library and cultivators.
  3. Take your seeds home and grow them.