Kindred-Flint Volunteer Recruitment @ Flint Township-McCarty

Kindred-Flint Volunteer Recruitment @ Flint Township-McCarty

From Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:30 pm until 3:15 pm

At Flint Township-McCarty Library

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Volunteer Your Time, Your Talent, Your Heart 

Hospice philosophy and service depend upon both professional and volunteer services to fulfill organizational, patient and family member needs. Whether it's providing companionship to a patient in their final months and weeks of life, offering support to family members, or helping with administrative work in one of our local hospice programs, the contributions of volunteers are essential to the important work we provide at Kindred at Home Hospice-Flint. 

Minnie Cabine, Volunteer Coordinator and Hospice Social Worker, will be available to answer questions about how you can help.