• Evening Outdoor Storytime – Fall into Autumn!

    Have fun replicating this story time at home using this story time outline!

    Warm Up Song: “Spaghetti Legs” by Jim Gill

    Hello Song (using ASL):  Hello Friends

    Hello friends,
    Hello friends,
    Hello friends,
    It’s time to say hello.

    Yoga Pose of the Week: Tree

    Breath Play: Leaf Breath

    As you stand tall, reaching out wide in tree pose, imagine the wind is blowing your branches. Take a deep breath in. When you exhale, make a whooshing sound with your breath like the wind is whooshing by the leaves.

    Book: Pumpkin Trouble by Jan Thomas 

    Movement Song: Autumn Leaves are Falling Down

    Autumn leaves are falling down
    Falling down, falling down!
    Autumn leaves are falling down,
    To the ground.

    Other Verses:
    Autumn leaves are whirling round… whirling all around
    Raking up the autumn leaves… then we toss them high!

    Mystery Box:

    Today we had scarves in our mystery box.

    Scarf Rhyme: The Roly Poly Pumpkin

    Tune: The Itsy Bitsy Spider
    Oh, the roly-poly pumpkin went rolling down the hill
    Once it started rolling, it couldn’t keep still
    It rolled and it rolled until it bumped into a rock
    Then the roly-poly pumpkin rolled to a stop. PLOP (throw scarf)

    Scarf Song: “Dingle Dangle Scarecrow” by Kathy Reid-Naiman

    Puppet Guessing Game: There’s Something in the Pumpkin Patch

    There’s something in the pumpkin patch.
    What could it be?
    There’s something in the pumpkin patch.
    I can’t quite see….
    Oink, oink, oink
    It’s a pig

    Other Sounds:
    Squeak – Mouse
    Arggg – Pirate
    Meow – Cat

    Book: Where is Tippy Toes? by Betsy Lewin

    Circle Time:

    We end our story time with some sort of group activity or dance. Today we danced with instruments to the song below!

    Song: “One, Two, Three, Whee!” by Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael

    Goodbye song: Goodbye friends

    Goodbye friends,
    Goodbye friends,
    Goodbye friends,
    It’s time to say goodbye.

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