• Evening Outdoor Storytime – Dogs!

    Have fun replicating this story time at home using this story time outline!

    Warm Up Song: “Run Baby Run” by Caspar Babypants

    Hello Song (using ASL):  Hello Friends

    Hello friends,
    Hello friends,
    Hello friends,
    It’s time to say hello.

    Yoga Pose of the Week: Downward Dog

    Breath Play: Growl Breath

    Pretend you’re a playful dog. Once in downward dog, rock back and forth pretending you’re playing tug-o-war. Take a deep breath in. When you exhale, make a growling sound.

    Book: Dozens of Dachshunds by Stephanie Calmenson

    Song: “BINGO” by Cedarmont Kids

    Mystery Box:

    Today we had shakers in our mystery box.

    Shaker Rhyme: Some Dogs

    Some dogs bark
    Some dogs growl
    Some dogs yip
    Some dogs howl
    … And some dogs shake their tails

    Shaker Song: “Loud & Quiet” by Caspar Babypants

    Movement Rhyme: If You’re a Dog and You Know It

    If you’re a dog and know it, give a bark
    If you’re a dog and know it, give a bark
    If you’re a dog and you know it, and you really want to show it
    If you’re a dog and you know it give a bark

    Other Verses:
    …wag your tail
    …sit up and beg
    …dig a hole
    …sit please!

    Book: Woof, Woof by Sebastien Braun

    Circle Time:

    We end our story time with some sort of group activity or dance. Today we danced with instruments to the song below!

    Song: “Dance Along Gong Song” by Jim Gill

    Goodbye song: Goodbye friends

    Goodbye friends,
    Goodbye friends,
    Goodbye friends,
    It’s time to say goodbye.

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